Support Service Agreement 

Article 1: Parties and Definitions

Here, on the date of this contract, its commercial center  is Haseki Sultan Mahallesi. MÜSLÜM ÇEN WEBENFO.COM , residing at Darrüşifa street No: 14 D6 Fındıkzade Fatih/ I STANBUL . (referred to as BBB) with ............................................. .................................................................. .................................................................. resident at ………………………………. .................................................................. .............................................. ( hereinafter referred to as AAA). 

Domain : The domain name of the website subject to the contract ............................................. ..........

Support package : Support package subject to the contract ............................................. ........

Article 2: Subject of Contract

This contract covers the support packages of the website prepared by BBB and services such as development, updating, training and consultancy in order to carry out communication, promotion, advertisement and similar services of AAA.

Article 3: BBB's Obligations

  1. To carry out the periodic maintenance required by AAA for the sustainability of the website, to solve any errors that may arise and to make it operational.

  2. Advising AAA on all aspects of its website.

  3. It provides AAA with the necessary support to use its website and provides the necessary training material. (text, video, picture etc.)

  4. Checking accuracy at AAA request. For example, checking functionality and performing maintenance before the live auction starts.

  5. Getting a backup at AAA request. (daily, weekly)

  6. It is responsible for correcting software errors and problems (bugs) that may occur related to the services it provides to AAA. To provide the necessary support for the website , to find solutions to the errors.

  7. Providing support such as the development of new general-purpose modules, revisions of existing modules, and improving usability through customer experience.

  8. Apply pre-developed (similar) developments requested by AAA .

  9. Provides training and support to AAA to use the admin panel . BBB determines the form of this education . (video, text, live etc. )

  10. To make general purpose functional developments as requested by AAA . However, if these requests are not feasible in terms of applicability or if they are not approved by the BBB, BBB has the right not to develop it .

  11. Renewal and helping to renew the domain name subject to the contract .

  12. It moves the capacity to higher and more performance hosting or servers so that the website that AAA needs can work.

  13. It is obliged to implement the scope of the support package mentioned in the contract . The scope of support service is stated under the title of support packages on the website website.

Article 4: Your Customer's Obligations

  1. It agrees to pay the support service fee mentioned in the contract regularly and on time.

  2. AAA is responsible for reporting software errors and problems that may occur with the services and is responsible for reporting the requirements for the website.

  3. AAA is responsible for creating the site content itself from the admin panel of the website and adding the information to the site. However, he is obliged to report if he receives an error in adding or updating content and cannot use it.

  4. AAA accepts and declares that all ideas, thoughts, expressions, comments and articles expressed are its own and BBB is not responsible in any way.

  5. AAA accepts and declares that the copyright of special software techniques used in software produced by BBB belongs to BBB and that these softwares will not be reproduced or distributed in any way.

  6. BBB temporarily supplies the server/hosting system where web-based software will be installed and the hardware/software requirements necessary for this system to work for security purposes. However, AAA is obliged to supply itself.

  7. AAA is responsible for the security of all its backups and data. BBB will not be responsible if information is lost for any reason. AAA cannot claim any right or compensation from BBB for damages that may arise from this situation.

  8. AAA BBB should provide the information and requests required in the service application. Otherwise, BBB cannot be held responsible for any damages that may arise.

Article 5: Confidentiality and Security 

  1. AAA accepts and declaresthat all ideas, thoughts, expressions, comments and articles expressed on its website are its own and BBB is not responsible in any way.

  2. BBB supports AAA on the basis of mutual trust and takes actions that will be beneficial. AAA also supports the BBB materially and morally and takes actions that will be beneficial.

  3. Both the BBB and the AAA must respect each other's privacy rules. All information that is not obligatory to be shared with third parties and is not accessible to other people is considered confidential and should not be shared with other people.

  4. Both BBB and AAA do not share File Transfer Authority (FTP), Database, Administration Control Panel passwords with anyone.

  5. In case of receiving AAA support, BBB does not share FTP Information, Hosting Panel information, server access information with anyone, including AAA, for security reasons. If necessary, BBB performs the transactions itself.

  6. BBB is not responsible for any damages that may arise if the passwords are obtained by third parties or organizations due to any intention, negligence or fault of AAA's own employees.  The AAA pays additionally for the work required to fix the damages. BBB determines the additional payment and time .

  7. AAA agrees in advance that it will not reverse engineer the use of the website or take any other action to find or obtain the source code of them, otherwise it will be liable for the damages that may arise before the third parties, and that legal and penal action will be taken against it .

  8. While AAA has the right to terminate the contract, it accepts in advance that it will be liable for damages that may arise from distortion by discrediting the support service offered by BBB , and that legal and penal action will be taken against it.

  9. While BBB provides the necessary material for support and training, AAA agrees that it will not use and make available these materials to third parties or organizations.

  10. The management panel declares that it will not share its passwords with any other software developer or person or institution doing similar work with BBB, and AAA is responsible for any damages that may arise otherwise. Likewise, BBB declares that it will not share the passwords of the management panel with the person or institution doing similar work with AAA , and otherwise BBB is responsible for the damages that may arise.

  11. BBB does not share the commercial data of the website with third parties in any way , without the permission of AAA .

Article 6 : Pricing and Payment 

  1. ....... $ 3 monthly ------ x package ---- pays off.

  2. The fee is renewed at least once a year. It is done by mutual agreement. The agreed fee is paid.

  3. BBB reserves the right to stop the website and support service in case of 7 days delay in payments. However, in case of payment, including the delayed days, the service will be reopened.

  4. In case of non-payment, BBB has the right to postpone, stop or terminate the contracted service.

  5. AAA pays the service fee in advance for the period specified in the contract.

  6. Modules and developments that are out of the general scope (private) or only useful to very few customers will be charged additionally.

Article 7 : Cancellation of Work

  1. If the support of the website cannot be provided for a reason other than AAA, BBB is obliged to refund the fees received until the next days after the payment is received. Events that are not caused by both parties, such as natural disasters (earthquake, flood, etc.), illness, death will not be counted for any reason other than AAA.

  2. AAA agrees, declares and undertakes to pay the service fee of the next period to BBB in case of cessation of receiving support service for a reason not caused by BBB less than one month before the end of the service period .

  3. The definition of job cancellation is BBB ceases to support and shuts down the website. However, if the website is turnkey, support is not provided and the website is not closed. The Customer is obliged to provide the server / hosting system on which web-based software will be installed for the website to work.

Article 8 : Duration and Scope of Support

  1. The contract period is ....3 months....... When the contract period expires, it automatically extends for the same period in case of payment for the following ....3 months. However, if the BBB wishes, the parties have the right to unilaterally stop the service.

  2. AAA has the right to consult on the web on topics that it does not understand.

  3. Errors caused by the intervention of 3rd parties or 3rd party software are not covered by the warranty. BBB is not responsible for such errors and must pay AAA additional fees to correct these errors.

  4. BBB supports AAA on the basis of mutual trust and takes actions that will be beneficial. AAA also supports the BBB materially and morally and takes actions that will be beneficial.

  5. Hosting/Server and domain services supply is not within the scope of support, and AAA provides it itself. However, within the scope of support service, a request can be made from BBB to find a suitable Server/Hosting service.

  6. If there is a server/hosting service that is mediated by BBB within the scope of support service (finding the appropriate server/hosting service), in case of an increase in website traffic, in case of insufficient server capacity, the capacity increase request is made by AAA and AAA accepts and declares that it will cover the necessary costs for capacity increase. and commits. Otherwise, BBB cannot be held responsible.

  7. If AAA requests support or maintenance service from a company other than BBB, or gets the job done, BBB has the right to unilaterally stop the support service, and if a payment has been received for this service, the payment will not be refunded.

  8. AAA accepts, declares and undertakes that it will pay a separate fee to BBB for code snippets that take more than 3 business days to develop, regardless of the extent of support service it has received . However, if this is a module and a feature that is used in general, it is out of scope.

  9. If he does not have any payment for AAA Support service, he may stop receiving unilateral support and the same applies to BBB.

  10. In cases requiring expertise, BBB is not responsible for the damages that may arise from the decisions taken without considering the suggestions and services of the BBB. In case of damage to the BBB, AAA is responsible for covering the damages.

  11. The drudgery and arbitrary work is out of the scope, the work is not accepted or in case of arbitrary work , AAA pays additional fees.

Article 9 : Validity of Electronic Records 

  1. Electronic correspondence and approval records such as e-mail, instant message (sms, whatsapp) and fax made between the parties and by the authorities of the parties are considered as legally valid evidence and are accepted as final and binding evidence in the context of procedural law.

Article 10 : Notifications 

For all kinds of notifications to be made regarding this contract and its implementation, the parties have determined the addresses written in this contract as legal residence. The parties accept, declare and undertake that, unless they notify the other party of the changes in these addresses, via a notary public or registered mail with return receipt, the notifications to these addresses will be deemed valid, duly and made to them.

Article 1 1 : Authorized Courts and Enforcement Offices

The relevant Courts and Enforcement Offices are authorized to resolve any disputes that may arise from the implementation of this contract.

This contract consisting of ........ ( ) clause and ........( ) page ......... It has been prepared in 2 (two) copies on the date of