Online Auction system

Starting an Online Auction (According to Bidding, Auction Rules)

Multiple Auction

Multiple (unlimited) Auction can be started at same time

Pre-Evaluation auction

Auction initiation; Starting the auction online and ending in the hall.


It is online auction time priod until LIve AUCTION starts.it can takes 4 days or 5 days or 1 week it depends your decision.


After pre-live priod live auction will start and closed by its lot number.

Live 1

at live scene each lot will be ready for last bids for a duration counter start down  (20s, 30s, etc.). if new bid placed the counter will increase some second that you already set. 

Live 2

 at auction lot list  same as Live1 will start each counter of product will differ (45s, 1 min,2,min,3min etc.) sequence

Live 3

at live scene each lot will be ready for bids but different than Live 1 you don't set duration of scene for each lot. instead you control it when to go next lot


Bulk Mail (Auction Announcement). Notification by mail to customer. when auction is started or near to ending or announce live auction will start. All e-mails are sent in detail and with a link and picture for returning to the site.


Buy Now (e-commerce) Online Payment Acceptance

Bid to order

Converting final winner results into orders. More items calculated as one order.

Seller Module

You can assign a product a seller with commission

Follower Notify

Bulk Mail (Auction Announcement). sending bulk mail for whom followed products and remind about total product follow. " 12 Pieces of Artwork You Follow - "Auction Name" 

Bidder Notify

Bulk Mail (Auction Announcement). sending bulk mail to customer who placed bids to inform bidders.   "You Have 23 Bids in Total - "Auction Name""

Artists Module

You can relate artworks product to an artist so that you can see artist page listed his/her artworks, biography

Exhibitions Module

By this module you are able exhibits artworks as photo slider online

Membership Verification

Via this feature you can varify customer by SMS, Mail, phone call or whatsapp message

Commision rate

percentage that will applied over current price %10. it is an auction feature setted before 

Tax rate  

tax rate percentage that will applied after (current price +commisin). it can be different for each auction

only commision tax

during order creation you can set it only calculate commission tax as tax 

who is online 

total number of visitor who visit website. 

who is on live scene

 online user who watchs live auction if he/she is login name is visible.

FAQ Module

you set question and answer the questions always being asked.

Lot ordering

by drag and drop you are able to order and create lot number


by excel and images or by api integration. you can excel product information and zip images by its lot number 

Result Declaration

upon auction bids result, all order is being created by calculating commision + tax after you mail it in a shaped form to winner 

Order completion

when an order created  over winner bids, winner informed to complete his/her order via result email. in order detail customer is able to complete its order by entering adddress details.








the number given to product in auction

Product title

Name of product

Short Description

a breif explanation of product. Example "Year 1888 Medium Oil on canvas72 cm × 90 cm Van Gogh Museum"

Start price

opening bid or Opening price during auction

Current price

current bid or Latest price value that a product reached

next bid 

 calculated automaticly depends on bid tables shown under product detail


Auction deadline with counter down


Highest bidder and bidder (only admin sees)

Market value

The estimated price being sold

total bids

total number of bids placed for a lot

total member 

number of member who place bids  

total follow 

total number of customer who follow for a lot

add to follow list

member can add a lot to his/her follow list (favorite list)

Bid Tables

is table which show increments between prices 


a website member can comment about a lot

ask questions 

a website member is able to ask question for a lot in lot detail page


deep explanation of the product

product images

uploads more images and able to sort images


Classification for products

auction message 

is auction message like "current price will be appiled commision rate percentage 15 and tax rate percentage 18 "

Bids Notifications

when a wiiner placed a bid former winner will be informed by email  "your bid passed"



Online Product Catalog

you can enter the product and create product catalog by categorization even show price or not

Stock management

each product can has a stock number. after order it will be decreased by number ordered.

Order Management 

 is admin section that you can manage orders. sending order status , send customer direkt message, 

Shipping Management

Shipping company - region - total desi  related price applied to shipping price. each product shold be desi number entered. 

 Payment Method 

 Bank Transfer, virtual pos, Payment at the Door 

Customer Support  

admin section where customer support message is listed.

SEO Module

 each content is provide seo section like description,keywords,seo compatiple links,etc.


 is multi-lingual you can publish content in different languages.

SEO Compatible

SEO is taken into consideration during development 

Mobile responsive

all design is mobile responsive applied

Google Map

over contact page company place market and customer can easily get direction

Social Media links

is social media links that shows social media accounts

BLOG Module

in this section you can easily create blog and categorization

Comment Management

in this section you can see product comments and approve .





Admin Panel

Detailed customer information

Who bid on which lot and when ?

Which lot received an bid (by whom)

Which lots received bids (bid) in the auction and who has the highest bid is displayed.

How many lots received Bid  in an auction

Bulk Product Upload (Export data to support packages, excel file (title, description, price etc. and picture folder) )


statistical data

auction latest result - winner

Follower list  by total number of lots followed by

bidder list and total bids placed by

Instant Turnover of the Auction

Total number of bids  today

Total number of followers today

Total new members today